Companies found to be lacking in OH support

one in seven UK employees have access to comprehensive occupational health
support, according to the latest research by the Health and Safety
Executive  (HSE).

study, carried out by the Institute of Occupational Medicine, found that only
30,000 organisations supported the health of staff though the use of
occupational health.

and pubic organisations of varying size responded to the research, which  showed that 44 per cent of large companies
and 2 per cent of small firms offered health support.

15 per cent of companies did use more basic occupational health covering hazard
definition, risk management and training provision.

Callaghan, chair of the HSC said: "With only 3 per cent of UK companies
using what we would consider to be the key elements of occupational health
support, a lot more needs to be done to help prevent people becoming ill
because of their work."

By Ross Wigham

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