DTI launches shared resource scheme

DTI has launched a new initiative to allow large and small firms to benefit
from each other’s resources.

Corporate Venturing website will allow employers to identify potential business

launch is backed by a £1.5m Government investment and hopes to enable:

small firms to gain management experience from larger employers

greater access to research and development

bigger employers to benefit from an equity stake of intellectual property

business minister Nigel Griffiths said a similar scheme had been a big success
in the US and presented an opportunity for large and small companies alike:

businesses are able to tap into the expertise of their bigger counterparts and
reap the benefits of established facilities, while large companies will be able
to benefit from the well-known dynamism and risk-taking potential of the UK’s
small business sector.

Government has already provided tax relief through the Corporate Venturing
Scheme for large firms to invest in smaller higher risk companies, so I am
delighted to be able to formally launch this complementary initiative and
demonstrate the DTI’s support for Corporate Venturing UK," he said.


By Ross Wigham

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