Computers In Personnel launches data management platform to raise productivity and cut costs

Computers In Personnel (CIP) has announced the launch of Ciphr Connect, a software platform that manages the flow of people-related information around an organisation.

The product helps get new employees productive more quickly, cuts administrative overhead, improves data quality and can impact a broad range of activities from fleet car management to front-desk security systems.
People-related data tends to be duplicated within different IT systems, creating inconsistencies and slowing down critical business processes. When a new employee joins, for example, numerous IT systems manage all the associated activities, from ordering a telephone and security access card to entering data into payroll. Typically, these processes are disjointed and slow, delaying the time when a new employee becomes fully productive.
Likewise, when employees leave, it’s often hard to update all of the different systems quickly and efficiently. This is a particular problem for involuntary terminations, when it’s essential to manage system and physical security systems.
Ciphr Connect is an integration and automation platform that tackles these kinds of problems by routing people-related data between the HR database and other systems. By putting the HR system at the centre of all people-related information, it allows the HR function to manage all employee data and removes integration headaches for the IT team.
“The HR database becomes the central source of truth for everything to do with your employees, and it feeds all the other systems that need employee data. There’s a surprising amount of them,” said Christopher Berry, managing director of Computers In Personnel.
“It’s particularly useful when new employees start and the system triggers the IT processes required to set up a new email address, a new extension number, order a laptop and grant network access – lots of information has to flow around the company, and this is possible with Ciphr Connect.
“It’s just as efficient when an employee leaves. Without such a solution it’s not uncommon to find that employees who left up to a year ago can still log on remotely to the company network.”
Ciphr Connect is built on User Management Resource Administrator (UMRA), the enterprise system from Tools4Ever designed for complex user management. In addition to managing the flow of people-related data more efficiently, it can also be used to generate notifications as different events occur across the organisation. For example, if absence levels exceed pre-defined parameters, the system can trigger alerts to relevant managers.
Ciphr Connect is available this month.

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