Computers In Personnel takes green approach to software sales and support

Computers In Personnel today announced that it is investing in techniques to clean up the process of purchasing and supporting HR software and services. By adopting specialist collaboration and problem resolution technologies, CIP now offers its clients a greener option for doing business.

CIP is one of the first software vendors to complete an entire sales cycle without visiting the customer’s premises, using internet-based collaborative technologies. While this approach is widely used for low-price consumer software sales, it is rare for higher value, business-critical software.

Using collaborative technologies such as WebEx, CIP is now able to build one-to-one relationships with clients as effectively as holding face-to-face meetings, while reducing travel costs and minimising the associated environmental impact.

CIP has also invested in the BMC AppSight Application Problem Resolution System (BMC AppSight) , a software solution from BMC Software that allows CIP to remotely capture information about problems that might arise when customers use its HR software.

BMC AppSight works behind the scenes to capture information about problems, alerting CIP support staff, and in many cases, allowing them to resolve issues remotely, removing the need for an onsite visit from CIP personnel. As well as reducing the environmental impact of customer support visits, BMC AppSight enables CIP staff to diagnose issues more effectively, speed up the response to every defect report and provide timely and high-quality customer support.

In addition to minimising the environmental impact of selling and supporting software, CIP also offers tools and services to help companies reduce their own carbon footprint by cutting unnecessary travel.

Its ExpenseOnDemand expense management system gives organisations better control over their travel expenditure, generating reports that help management understand how money is being spent and where savings can be made. Organisations with large mobile workforces, for example, may be able to cut down on mileage costs by analysing spend patterns and relocating individuals to different base locations.

Christopher Berry, managing director, Computers In Personnel, said: “Everyone from consumers to huge multinational organisations is looking to reduce their carbon footprint. More technologies are becoming available to help companies decrease their emissions and in turn save money and increase productivity. We are at the forefront of this trend.

“Computers In Personnel is committed to building collaborative capabilities into the way we work with our customers. In addition, through services such as ExpenseOnDemand, we can also help our customers better manage their own travel costs and emissions.”

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