ConstructionSkills gains organisational visibility and management with OrgPlus from HumanConcepts

HumanConcepts, the leading provider of workforce decision support solutions, today announced that ConstructionSkills, the Sector Skills Council construction industry, has recently implemented OrgPlus. With over 1400 employees and more than 15 different locations around the UK, ConstructionSkills uses OrgPlus to provide visibility into organisational structure and help meet managers day to day information needs.  Since implementing OrgPlus just two months ago, ConstructionSkills claims that the investment has both paid for itself and enabled the company to manage its organisational structure more efficiently.

“Since implementing OrgPlus we have an up-to-date, accurate picture of our total organisation,” said David Johnson, HR Services Manager at ConstructionSkills. “We can quickly see exactly what headcount we have, what has been approved and where there may be vacancies. This is a particularly difficult time for the construction industry and it is important that we provide efficient products and services to our customers. OrgPlus enables us to do this by giving us a complete central view for our senior management and HR Managers.”

“We selected OrgPlus for its inherent simplicity – it is very easy to use and yet a very powerful solution. People are now using the information on OrgPlus to help them do their jobs. There is no doubt that we have seen a return on our investment within two months of implementing it.”

OrgPlus enables HR professionals and senior executives to find, view, understand, plan and manage their workforce – from creating basic organisational understanding to fuelling sophisticated workforce analysis and management. OrgPlus supports departmental and corporate initiatives such as succession planning, talent management and budgeting – all through an intuitive, organisational charting framework.

ConstructionSkills uses OrgPlus at three levels. The first level enables all employees to view staff names, email addresses and job roles and titles via a visual employee directory. All information is displayed in the format of an organisational chart so employees not only can find the specific information they are seeking, but also understand the information in context, including the group, management and reporting structure of the person they’re looking for. 

The second level is for senior managers and heads of departments, where views are more detailed and include direct report information such as salaries, grades, performance ratings or time off taken and outstanding.

For the third level, HR managers are able to view the same information as managers across the organisation. An additional ‘roll–up facility’ provides data on how many direct and indirect reports a manager may have as well as the compensation budgets they manage and control. By applying a ‘what if’ conditional rule, the HR team can also display certain employee circumstances. The rule might show all employees on maternity leave or secondments, displaying them in a pink box, or those who have excessive holiday accrual or high levels of absenteeism highlighted in a different colour. With ready access to exception information like this, managers gain greater visibility into their true resource pool.

ConstructionSkills also has a team of business analysts working on a transformational change programme that uses OrgPlus to provide the current structural data for analysis. For example, the number of reporting staff for a manager, the number of administration staff that support the front line and the organisation of each department.

Bill Butcher, Business Analyst at Construction Skills said, “We have long waited for a solution like OrgPlus. With the effort our colleagues in HR have put into cleaning and structuring our data, we now have access to meaningful information instantly available on our desktops.”

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