‘Copper’s contract’ set to ensure police service standards

new ‘copper’s contract’ will introduce service standards for police throughout England
and Wales.

service levels will ensure that the public can contact the police quickly on
the phone or the internet.

initiative will also include:

Clearer information for the public about how to get in touch

How the police should deal with their initial call, giving realistic next steps

How to measure feedback from the public about the service they have received.

objectives will be aided by the establishment of a national non-emergency
number to complement 999.

at the Superintendents’ Association annual conference, home secretary David Blunkett said that everyone who
contacts the police should get a good level of service.

too often the public’s impression of the police service is poor, because their
initial contact with the police is disappointing," he said.

new rules will help ensure members of the public calling the police for
non-emergencies will get a consistently high standard of service."

Quentin Reade



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