Corporate social responsibility steering group set up

for a new corporate social responsibility (CSR) academy moved a step closer
today as Stephen Timms, the minister responsible, announced the new members of
a steering group to promote and develop CSR in UK businesses.

members will explore and test the recommendations of April’s Changing Manager
Mindsets report on the development and spread of skills and competences for the
practice of CSR.

report recommended:

the development and testing of a competency framework establishing the core
skills and characteristics needed to integrate CSR practice within
organisations of all sizes

the need for a wide range of development opportunities such as mentoring,
shadowing, and experiential learning to support the integration of CSR into
decision-making processes

a dedicated website providing access to details of the range of learning and
development opportunities available from all providers

the setting up of a CSR academy to work in alliance with relevant institutes
and providers to support the development of CSR skills for managers..

said: "I am delighted now to announce the members of the steering group
who will [play a key role] in developing the next step forward for CSR.

will bring a wealth of experience and a valuable perspective to the project
that will play its part in CSR becoming an integral part of the way we do
business in the UK."

Mather, chairman of Shell UK and chair of the steering group, said: "This
is an exciting opportunity to look further at developing and promoting skills
for CSR. I am looking forward to helping the group with proposals that will
really make a new contribution to CSR practice across business in the UK"

Steering Group will have its first meeting at the end of September and make
recommendations to the Government with a view to establishing an academy in the
summer of 2004.

primary role of the steering group will be to advise on the development and
promotion of the skills necessary to embed CSR in mainstream business practice.

members of the CSR Steering Group are:

Clive Mather, chairman, Shell UK
Jerry Marston, chair of corporate responsibility group and community investment
director, Whitbread Group plc
Peter Davies, deputy chief executive, Business in the Community
Bryan Cress, senior adviser CSR and globalisation, CBI
Stephanie Draper, acting director, Forum for the Future
Michael Hastings, head of CSR, BBC
Will Hutton, chief executive, The Work Foundation
Peter Lacy, executive director, European Academy of Business in Society
Andrew Sentance, chief economist and head of environmental affairs, British
Janet Williamson, TUC
Peter Bateson, director of corporate affairs, Church Lukas
Ian Russell chief executive Scottish Power
David Robinson, Community Links
Peter Rosen, Director, Bovince Ltd,
Professor Stephen Hill, principal, Royal Holloway University of London
Mike Emmott, head employee relations, Chartered Institute of Personnel &

By Ben Willmott

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