Council workers threaten more strikes over pay

boroughs have been told to return to the negotiating table on London weighting
or face another week of targeted strike action.

attendants from London’s three local government trade unions, Unison, T&G
and the GMB, have been striking this week.

say parking is one of the councils’ key income-generating activities and the
action is designed to hit councils in the pocket.

said if the employers fail to respond, further action by council tax collection
and other cash collection services will take place next week.

Coleman, Unison regional head of local government, said: "The employers
have been hitting London’s local government workers in the pocket by not making
any kind of offer on London Weighting. Now it’s time to hit them in the pocket.
Thousands of low-paid workers have been feeling the pinch for far too long
trying to survive in London, lets see how the councils feel about a loss of

By Quentin Reade

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