Dataforce opts for Youmanage’s online HR service to empower managers

Youmanage, a provider of online HR services for managers, has signed a three-year contract to provide its innovative HR system to Dataforce, one of the UK’s leading marketing services providers.

Under the terms of the contract, Youmanage will implement its full online HR solution to all Dataforce’s line managers, HR users and senior executives. 

The Youmanage service is a web-based toolkit which will provide Dataforce’s managers with all the tools, guidance and information they need to manage staff more effectively. This will include areas such as recruitment, performance and absence management and disciplinary and grievance issues.  As well as supporting managers, the Youmanage solution helps Dataforce increase accuracy and efficiency by automating tasks such as managing and recording employee data.

Dataforce will also use the Youmanage solution to support its implementation of a competency-based approach to employee recruitment and development. As many of Dataforce’s clients operate in a highly regulated environment, it is vital to track skill and competencies to help meet their clients’ FSA requirements.

A key reason for choosing Youmanage’s system was its ability to support Dataforce’s management development programme, according to Zoë Rumford, the organisation’s head of HR.  She commented: “The Youmanage system’s ability to deliver relevant information to managers at the appropriate point in their workflow was a big plus for us.  We can incorporate guidance and management training content into the system so that managers are much better supported in their day-to-day activities.  

“We looked at more traditional HR system providers, but opted for Youmanage because it will have a much greater impact on our business.  Youmanage has a unique approach which supports line managers not just HR users.  The performance of our line managers is critical in enabling us to get the best out of our people, and we’re excited about the way that Youmanage will help use achieve our strategic goals.”

Phil Brown, Youmanage’s managing director is equally confident that his company’s solution will bring real benefits for the organisation.  “We’re delighted to be working with Dataforce: they have very progressive ideas about taking their business forward and were looking for a comprehensive solution for their people management issues.  This is a great win for us, it shows we can compete and win against traditional HR systems and underlines the potential impact of our unique approach”

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