Nominations now open for Contact Centre Innovation Awards 2008

Presented by the Professional Planning Forum, the Contact Centre Innovation Awards 2008, offer recognition for work that has made a significant impact on contact centre operations and strategic development in the last year.

Nominations are now invited from European centres for all categories including the highly-coveted Innovation of the Year.

Contact centres have come a long way in the last ten or twenty years, but they don’t stand still. The Contact Centre Innovation Awards are a show-case for organisations that are leading the way in making their contact centre operations great places to work and to contact. These prestigious awards celebrate the achievements of the industry’s innovators, offer a benchmark within the industry and show how ‘numbers meet people’ to create visibly improved results for the whole business.

Organised by the Professional Planning Forum – as part of their work to promote best practice in contact centres and to professionalise the role and contribution of analysts and planners – these awards are offered for significant measurable improvements for employees, customers, business and other stakeholders.

They are an excellent opportunity for resourcing specialists to gain external recognition and validation for their hard work and success.  In addition, because the standard of these awards is maintained by rigorous assessment, participants often comment on how much they themselves have learned by the process of preparing information and being visited by the Forum’s teams of assessors.

“We run these Innovation Awards because we want to show the huge progress that is being made in contact centres to improve life for both the customers and the employees – and to demonstrate that planning analysts are often critical to making these improvements happen”, explains Paul Smedley, Executive Director.

As well as the highly-coveted Innovation of the Year Award, award categories have included scheduling innovation, strategic planning, employee engagement, performance management and implementation of workforce management. Other key areas for potential awards include MI and Performance Analysis, Planning for the Back Office or Outbound, Planning for the Customer, Customer Issue Resolution and Orientation.

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