Daxtra integrates with Bullhorn

Bullhorn, the global leader in on demand, front office staffing and recruitment software, has now integrated automated CV parsing and an advanced search engine from British recruitment technologies specialist Daxtra, into its online offering. Recruiters can select the Daxtra solutions from the new Bullhorn Marketplace to extend their existing Bullhorn platform.

Daxtra ResourceStation intelligently searches multiple sources, including candidate databases and online job boards. Daxtra’s CV Parsing tool automatically extracts information from a CV and enters it into the Bullhorn candidate database, using identified fields as guidelines. This ensures that recruiters do not miss or lose candidate details and saves on wasted hours previously dedicated to manual parsing.   

Peter Linas, UK Managing Director of Bullhorn comments: “The Markeplace is all about offering recruiters more choice and enabling them to tailor the Bullhorn platform to suit their unique recruitment needs. The flexibility increases workflow and productivity. Instead of clients using Daxtra alongside Bullhorn, the Daxtra technology can now be ‘switched on’ and instantly becomes fully accessible inside our platform.”

The Bullhorn Marketplace makes it easy to extend Bullhorn with software applications and services from leading recruitment industry suppliers. Each Marketplace solution is certified and pre-integrated with Bullhorn so that it’s easy to get up and running quickly, without the usual integration pain. Recruitment firms are free to assemble their choice of tools, from search and assessments through payroll and accounting, into a seamless platform that closely fits their specific business needs.

Sergei Makhmodov, Director of Sales at Daxtra notes: “Our technologies focus on collapsing timescales. We understand that a number of administration tasks really slow recruiters down and stop them from making the optimum number of placements; our mission is to automate laborious processes to let the recruiter get on with their job.

“Hosted ‘on-demand’ solutions are the future of recruitment software. Bullhorn’s browser-based presence means it can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection and is therefore a natural partner for our technologies.  Bullhorn streamlines workflow and helps the recruiter do more with less; so does Daxtra.”


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