Definitive Consulting named best accountancy recruitment firm

Specialist recruitment company, Definitive Consulting, was named Best Accountancy Recruitment Firm at the prestigious Recruiter Awards 2008 this week. 

The award recognised the success of CARMA – a novel candidate attraction process based on long term career management.

To date, CARMA has been a big hit with candidates and clients alike, and has driven outstanding performance across Definitive Consulting’s three accountancy divisions:

79% of candidates register on an exclusive basis
82% of CVs submitted to clients result in interviews
95% of offers put to candidates are accepted

Client repeat business and candidate referrals double year on year.

CARMA is designed to address a key conflict in traditional approaches to recruitment, which has long struggled to reconcile the financial demand for candidate placements with the delivery of long term career counselling. 

It does so by seemingly breaking the first ‘rule’ of traditional recruitment.

Managing Director, Darren James, explained: “There is far too much short-term fee chasing in recruitment. In the end, both clients and candidates suffer.  We take an entirely different approach that starts with candidate registration.  Registering as a Definitive Consulting candidate is not a foregone conclusion.  We only take on the right candidates for the right reasons, then give them honest advice as to what their next career move should be – even if that means staying in their current roles.”

Every candidate seeking to register with Definitive Consulting receives a CARMA appraisal:

A detailed review of career history and goals
Feedback on the additional skills and experience required to realise those goals
Development of a career strategy focused on long term goals

James continued:  “Registration is based on whether we believe we can have a positive impact on an individual’s career, not just now, but over the next five to 10 years.  As a result, we build long term, exclusive relationships with outstanding candidates – based on genuine, honest consultancy.  That is good for candidates and clients, and means we are building a business with a healthy future.”

The Recruiter Awards judging panel said:  “What set Definitive Consulting apart from its competitors in the eyes of the judges was the company’s care of candidates and its innovative candidate management process. The judges were particularly impressed with how Definitive Consulting treated candidate registration not just for one job, but over the duration of a candidate’s career.”

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