Digital TV turns on different set of job-seekers

Manual workers and people working in the service sectors are more likely to
look for jobs using digital TV than the Internet according to research by
recruitment database the Job Channel.

The eight-month study released exclusively to Personnel Today shows that
people searching for work using digital TV are looking for different types of
posts to those using the Internet.

The most popular posts searched for on TV were industrial driving and
transport, attracting 7.3 per cent of hits. However, only 1.7 per cent of PC
web-based searches were for these types of jobs.

Likewise, catering, bar and restaurant vacancies accounted for 7.1 per cent
of TV searches but only 2.1 per cent of online job searches.

IT, secretarial, accountancy and engineering were the jobs which attracted
the most Internet searches.

Staffordshire County Council has started to recruit via interactive TV.

Elaine Fisher, principal personnel officer, said, "We have been very impressed
with the number of hits we have had on the site but we don’t know yet whether
these have translated this into positive applications.

"If it is successful we will put together a strategy to continue to use

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