Disability strategy aims to close employment gap

the employment gap between disabled and non-disabled people and ensuring equal
treatment in accessing goods and services are key elements of a Disability
Rights Commission (DRC) strategy document launched today.

DRC plan also contains objectives to bring about improvements in healthcare
services, increase attainment levels in education and secure rights which will
enable disabled people to live independently.

Massie, chairman of the DRC, said: "The disability rights agenda is making
an impact in the UK, with more disabled people now working and contributing to
society than five years ago and a change in the accessibility of our environment
and attitudes towards disability.

disabled people are still not treated as equal citizens. Our plan sets out what
the DRC expects the UK to be like for disabled people in 10 years.”

milestones set down in the plan include:

Narrowing the gap in employment rates between disabled and non-disabled people:
Increased employment rates to 60 per cent of disabled people of working age
working compared to 49 per cent today.

Narrow the gap in earned income levels between disabled and non-disabled

Measurable increases in access to the built environment and services, including
reducing the proportion of disabled people who experience difficulties in
accessing services and the built environment.

More equal use of public transport and more confidence in travelling.

Disabled people to know their rights and how to secure them.

Mike Berry

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