DoH appointment criticisms just sound like sour grapes

Rarely do I get motivated to write a letter to a magazine. But Paul Robertson-Marriott’s whine about the Department of Health (DoH) appointment (Personnel Today, 26 September) cannot go unanswered. Frankly, it sounds like sour grapes to me.

As an individual who has flitted first from the public to private sector and then back again, I feel pretty qualified to have an opinion on the matter.

First, it is great that Tesco’s Clare Chapman has decided to move to the DoH. She is an outstanding representative of HR, and the DoH will be all the better for her appointment.

Second, if Clare has secured a salary of £220,000 – and I have seen nothing that confirms that is the case – then good for her. Why should she work for less than she is worth? And to be clear, Robertson-Marriott’s views on a disciplined approach to salary levels in the commercial sector is not quite my recall.

Finally, if Robertson-Marriott really wants to comment on public finance and money, then he could at least try to understand it before commenting.

If the DoH thinks Chapman is so talented to pay more than the advertised sum, good luck to them – and her.

Martin Tiplady

Director of HR,

Metropolitan Police Service

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