Domino’s Pizza blames ‘HR paperwork’ for allegations of staff abuse

Domino’s Pizza has blamed ‘HR paperwork’ for the allegations of staff abuse that resurfaced with a vengeance last night.

The BBC revealed fresh claims by migrant workers of illegal deductions from their wages by the fast food chain.

These follow allegations made by trade union Unite last month that a Domino’s outlet in Derby took £50 per week from some workers’ wages for run-down accommodation.

A Domino’s spokesman said: “We accept that some franchisees need to improve the clarity of their HR paperwork and communication with employees. A lack of such clarity would appear to have been the root cause of these local issues.”

The company added that it had produced a set of standard HR documents to be given to all franchisees in a bid to stamp out this bad practice.

“These documents have been submitted for review by experts in the fields of HR and franchising,” said the spokesman.

Payslips exposed by the BBC last night showed that one former employee of Domino’s in Wolverhampton ended up earning negative wages because of pay deductions.

He claimed that money was taken from him to cover the cost of buying and insuring the car he was using to deliver pizzas.

Another migrant claimed she was not paid for her first week of work, because the company designated it “unpaid training”.

The Domino’s spokesman added: “The suggestion that these unproven allegations are representative of working life at Domino’s Pizza is absolutely untrue.”

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