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The very fact that you’ve found yourself interested in the concept of e-learning and how it might help you address your organisation’s training issues is enough to suggest that you’ll be interested to know how about how the e-learning world is changing and how it is changing rapidly.

The web has opened up a whole new world of learning possibilities that were hitherto unavailable to the classic e-learning approach.

The web has bought with it the idea of personal choice and never more so than  in the field of learning. Learning increasingly is being driven by the learner. Until now, in the context of e-learning, work force learning and development concentrated on providing the learner with what the company perceived the learner needed in order to meet the needs of the business.

The development of the Advanced Learning Environment as provided by The Working Manager’s D2 ticks a huge number of boxes that simply could not be ticked by the classic e-learning experience.

The entire emphasis of the D2 offering is to create an environment whereby people can learn what they want to learn, in the way that they want, at the pace that they want in a the mediums that they prefer – text, video, podcast they can even learn from their colleagues in the form of collaborative learning.

An easy set of online tools which allow learning to develop within the learner’s own personal environment, recording their progress and achievements, is a solution that many of the UKs leading blue chip names are now deploying in order to address not only their learning and development needs, but also the wider question of how these needs can be linked to the business objectives of the organisation and the changes that are necessary to achieve the businesses goals.

For those involved in providing knowledge to their workforce their role is now much more about facilitating access to the wealth of content and material that is widely available, than it is about sticking to the “traditional e-learning” approach. There remains room for the focused and specific material delivered by the e-learning experience but increasingly it forms a part of a much wider and in depth experience for the learner. 

For example TWM’s  Advanced Learning Environment from the Working Manager includes a training needs analysis tool linking learners from the gaps in their knowledge to a wealth of content that will fill those gaps.

The blended approach is both still relevant and necessary but the ingredients to the blend have shifted hugely on the back of web convenience and cost effectiveness. Exploring the huge versatility of a genuinely Advanced Learning Environment is likely to unearth a hugely versatile solution to address the business need.

Currently working with some of the UK leading companies, against a background of reduced budgets, tough training and  learning and development decisions – The Working Manager provides a bespoke online solution which sustains learning interventions demanded by a business need. We ensure that all employees have address to individual personal development, suited to their learning needs in rapid time at low cost.

We’d be delighted to arrange a personal webinar to demonstrate our point and hope that you will allow us to tell you more of the story soon.

Find out more about D2 – The Advanced Learning Environment from The Working Manager here

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