e-skills UK releases further insight into IT skills landscape

e-skills UK today released the first three in-depth reports of the ‘IT and Telecoms Insights 2008’ series, presenting a unique view of the key trends, opportunities and challenges facing the UK over the next ten years, and their implications for skills.

The reports provide further insight into the findings previewed in the headline report ‘Technology Counts: IT and Telecoms Insights 2008’ which was launched last month.

The full series provides an in-depth understanding of the existing IT and Telecoms industry and forecasts the future based on the best available global intelligence, including new input from more than 4,000 UK employers.

The three reports now available include:

  • ‘IT and Telecoms Insights 2008: Trends and UK Skills Implications’ (e-skills UK/Gartner Executive Programs) – This report provides a vision of the future based on the predictions of leading global industry analysts

  • ‘IT and Telecoms Insights 2008: Employment Forecasts’ (e-skills UK/Experian) – The report provides a detailed 10-year analysis and forecast of IT and Telecoms employment trends across the UK, taking into consideration employment growth and replacement demand.  It also looks at the need for IT and Telecoms skills in the shorter term from 2007 to 2010

  • ‘IT and Telecoms Insights 2008: Staff Training in the UK’ (e-skills UK) – This report investigates the incidence and nature of training and development among the IT and Telecoms workforce.  It also presents findings from a survey conducted with more than 1,000 UK employers.

The ‘IT and Telecoms Insights 2008’ suite comprises the ‘Technology Counts’ headline report, a set of nine in-depth reports and an additional set for the nine English Regions, Scotland and Wales. Further reports will soon be available as part of the series.

For more information and a free copy of the reports, go to the e-skills website

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