Employers fail to transfer expertise from interim managers to permanent workers

Organisations are still not doing enough to capture the knowledge imparted by an interim manager for reference in the future, research has found.

Three-quarters of the 700 HR and finance interim professionals surveyed by HR consultancy Chiumento said businesses could do more to harness an interim manager’s knowledge and learning for permanent employees.

Knowledge transfer is more prevalent in the private sector, possibly because the use of interims is more established, the report suggested.

Twenty-nine per cent of respondents who have worked in the financial services sector believe that organisations have systems in place to ensure knowledge is not lost when the interim support leaves. This compares with just 10% of respondents who have worked within central government.

The survey showed there is an increasing use of interims in the public sector. Central government (30%) provided the highest number of assignments, followed by the NHS (14%), local government, education and non-governmental organisations (12% each).

Separate research recently valued the interim management market at £1bn, with fees ranging from £500 to more than £1,500 a day.

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