Employment in Milton Keynes reaches new high

Keynes has seen the biggest increase in employment in the UK over the past 10
years, according to a new report.

study, by Business Strategies, reports Milton Keynes has increased its
employment by 36,100.

follows with a 10-year increase of 27,700, and Yate near Bristol has an extra
24,100 people in employment than 10 years ago.

of the nearly 50 districts which have registered declines in employment, Dundee
City has seen the largest fall of 26,400.

local authorities Nottingham and Leicester follow – down 21,900 and 21,000

Yorke, Business Strategies associate director said: "Research into the
reasons why employment in some places has grown faster than others has
highlighted factors including industrial structure, labour force quality and
qualifications mix, proximity to airport, population density and ethnic mix.”

regions produce good school-leaver results, which then produce an advantageous
qualifications mix and more prosperity in the future. The reverse also applies
and this trend tends to widen the north-south divide.”

total of 150 local authority districts with populations of 100,000-350,000 were

By Paul Nelson

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