Engaged staff undeterred by adverse weather

The continuing snowfall is a litmus test of staff loyalty and engagement, a City HR director has claimed.

Gary Teper, HR director at London brokerage firm Charles Stanley, said regardless of tough economic or seasonal conditions, a good workplace culture would be reflected in the office turnout during tougher weather.

Monday saw severe delays and cancellations on the Underground and national rail network in and around the capital, while buses only ventured out into the farther reaches London towards the close of the business day.

However, nearly three-quarters of the firm’s 400 staff braved the weather to get to work, including one employee who spent nine hours on a train from Edinburgh, leaving at 3am and arriving just before midday at the Hackney-based offices.

“Around 70% of our staff were in on Monday, which I’d like to think is a testament to the workplace culture,” Teper told Personnel Today. “People can easily get similar pay somewhere else, but they stay for more than just the basic salary.”

“If you have a long-standing, engaged workforce that understands its role within the organisation, your staff will make the effort,” he added.

The firm has over 30 branches across the UK, and recently announced plans to acquire additional offices and staff in Wales, Scotland and northern England.

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