Finance union strikes deal with Lloyds TSB to protect jobs

the finance union, has agreed an offshoring agreement with Lloyds TSB, which
seeks to avoid large site closures and guarantees displaced staff an
alternative job offer if they want to stay with the bank when work goes abroad.

deal follows the announcement of the closure of the Lloyds TSB call centre in
Newcastle upon Tyne, with the loss of nearly 1,000 jobs by the end of the year.

agreement gives Unifi the opportunity to influence the bank’s decisions at the
‘concept stage’ including the possibility of retaining work and jobs in the UK.

agreement puts the need for training and upskilling for workers whose jobs have
been outsourced at the heart of Lloyds TSB’s planning and implementation
processes on offshoring.

bank will work with Unifi to provide comprehensive training and  has agreed to pay up to £2,000 to re-train
staff members who opt to pursue their careers outside of the Lloyds TSB group.

are always unhappy when jobs are lost because of outsourcing work
overseas," said Unifi official Iain MacLean. "But with this deal in
place, the process can be managed fairly and we welcome Lloyds TSB’s commitment
to offer jobs to anyone wishing to stay working for the bank."

Michael Millar

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