Four-fifths believe recruitment benefits from psychometric tests

HR solutions business Success Dynamics has revealed the results of a survey amongst CEOs, managing directors and company owners.

Key findings:

  • 82% respondents cite staff as the company’s single most valuable asset
  • 46% respondents spend 1-3 months a year seeking replacement staff
  • 78% respondents believe that recruitment practices benefit from the use of psychometric profiling.

Hot on the heels of its successful “Power Your Business with Effective People” seminar, Success Dynamics today released survey findings which further validate the fact that finding the right People Power should be acknowledged as the key challenge for any progressive business.

The company, which specialises in the provision of a range of pioneering psychometric profiling tools designed to help businesses capitalise on their people resource, recently undertook a survey amongst chief executives, managing directors and company owners to assess current attitudes towards the effective resourcing of “people power”.

An impressive 82% of respondents cited staff as the single most valuable asset in their business.  This powerful statistic highlights the relevance of the Success Dynamics offering which has been developed to assist businesses achieve an improved return on their HR investment via an enhanced understanding of the employee workforce. 

With research showing that most companies hire staff on the basis of technical expertise and knowledge yet fire employees on the grounds of their personal failings, it is clear that an improved understanding of employees and how they work together will have massive commercial implications for any organisation.

An improved insight into individual and team personality traits will enable a company to realise the true potential of existing staff as well as recognising the desired traits for future employees to ensure the company’s continued success.  The survey also revealed that with the mounting costs of replacing staff (both in terms of time and money), the considerable relevance of investing in strategies to enable the appointment of effective people, with respondents spending as much as between 1 and 3 months per year seeking replacement staff.

The potency of the Success Dynamics offering is further underpinned by the survey findings, with 78% of respondents declaring an interest in, or already the users of psychometric profiling as a valid management tool designed to deliver tangible results to a business.

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