From argument to engagement: the role and benefits of mediation (webinar)

Employees, employers and the Government are increasingly looking to resolve workplace disputes early, avoiding the need for formal or legal processes. Mediation is proven to save time, money and stress, but the implementation of a fully integrated workplace mediation scheme can benefit employers and their staff in other ways too. 

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Personnel Today editor Rob Moss hosted this webinar live on 13 February 2013. His guests included:

David MacLeod, chairman of Engage For Success, the government-backed employee engagement taskforce which last year estimated that the UK could benefit from an estimated £26 billion growth by better engaging its workforce. MacLeod will give an overview of the Engage for Success movement, launched last year by David Cameron, and what the business leaders, line managers, trade unionists and other engagement experts are doing to help reduce the proportion of the UK workforce that say they are not actively engaged at work.

David Liddle, chief executive of mediation consultants The TCM Group and an engagement expert for Engage for Success, who will examine the role mediation plays in improving employee engagement. He will discuss how unresolved conflicts undermine employee engagement, reduce productivity and hinder economic growth. Liddle will also provide practical advice to help secure constructive outcomes to workplace disputes and share examples of employers – large and small – that have benefited from adopting a “resolution culture” within their organisations.

Watch this webinar on-demand now

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