Gadget of the month OmniQRECRUIT

What is it?

A piece of software that automates the process of matching suitable candidates to prospective job vacancies. A recruiter can enter an entire job description as the search term or choose a suitable CV and use a ‘find similar’ option to find other relevant CVs. It has been developed by ISDD, an ‘intelligent’ data management software specialist, which worked closely with recruitment company Hudson.

How does it work?

It’s all clever stuff, and the search and retrieval engine inside OmniQRECRUIT is based on a model pioneered at Cambridge University in the 1970s. All you need to know is that it runs either as a hosted solution accessed through a standard browser, or as a local system on any Windows platform.

How will it help me?

It reduces the time to create a shortlist of candidates and in turn reduces the time it takes to hire staff and fill vacancies. A major recruitment organisation has seen the accuracy of CV matching improve by more than 500 per cent since using the tool.

How much does it cost, and where can I get  more information?

It can cost from as little as 10 per person per month for the hosted solution. Local systems start from 3,000.

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