Generation Y – a guide to how to manage the younger generation

The latest crop of graduates and school leavers to hit our workplaces have been branded the most demanding and self-serving generation ever seen.

But can you really believe the hype? Our special ‘Gen Y’ area is packed with features about what makes this generation tick and what employers can do to get the get best out of them.


Anatomy of a Gen Y-er
The make-up of someone born in the Generation Y era is markedly different to that of previous generations. Guy Logan reports.
Research on Generation Y 
Personnel Today and IpsosMori conducted exclusive research among Gen Yers to find out what really motivates them. Mike Berry reports
Debunking the myths about Generation Y
Generation Y-ers are revered and reviled by their employers in equal measure. But are they really so different? Virginia Matthews looks at some myths about Generation Y.
Generation X versus Generation Y
Elisabeth Kelan, research fellow, Lehman Brothers Centre for Women in Business at the London Business School, explains why HR professionals should look at the similarities of the generations as much as their differences. 
When geek became chic
Greg Pitcher describes how HR can tap into Generation Y-ers talent for technology.
Performance management and Gen Y
How should HR adapt processes to the needs of employees who crave feedback and close contact with their line managers?
Looking forward to Generation Z
They may be toddlers now, but the generation born after 2002 will work very differently from
their parents.
Case studies
How are major employers dealing with recruiting and retaining Gen Y? We speak to the US Army, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Cancer Research UK to find out.
Talking ’bout my generation quiz
Test your knowledge of your generation with our fun quiz.
How to manage the generations 
Tara Craig explains how the generations can work together.


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