Government finds £1.2m more cash to teach van drivers eco-friendly driving techniques

Government is to provide an additional £1.2m to train van drivers in greener, safer driving techniques.

The Safe and Fuel Efficient Drivers (SAFED) initiative aims to encourage driving techniques to cut costs and CO2 emissions.

The scheme, a one-day training course involving a mix of classroom and on-the-road tuition, has trained 7,800 drivers at a cost of £2.2m since its launch in 2006.

The new cash will part fund training for new instructors, new assessors and up to 6,500 drivers over the next three years.

Ruth Kelly, secretary of State for Transport, said: “White-van-man is turning green. By learning safe, fuel efficient driving techniques van drivers are playing a vital role in cutting CO2 emissions. They’re helping tackle climate change, saving money and improving safety without impacting on customer delivery times.

“I congratulate all the drivers who’ve done the training so far and urge others to do the same – it makes business and environmental sense,” Kelly added.

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