Haden Young selects Kronos time management solution

Haden Young, one of the UK’s leading building services contractors, has selected Kronos Workforce Central™ with biometric 4500 Touch ID™ terminals to manage the time and attendance (T&A) of over 1,000 on-site employees on over 45 sites in the UK.

Kronos will link to Haden Young’s existing Redsky IT payroll system to ensure payroll accuracy for all site-based employees. The project has been extensively rolled out with new sites being added.
Shaun Nolan, the IT analyst responsible for the project, commented: ‘We shortlisted Kronos very early on because they demonstrated a mechanism through which they could integrate with our payroll system and also offered biometric ID terminals. We felt confident that Kronos would be able to support Haden Young in taking this major step forward in the way in which we collect time and attendance data and manage payroll administration’. 
Haden Young’s previous T&A system was not able to fully handle the complexity of the company’s working agreements. 

With many different pay rules for each trade, in addition to rules for sub-contractors, agency staff and customised rules for specialist areas, the payroll process proved to be complex, lengthy and sometimes prone to error. 

The clocks being used relied on modems to communicate their information back to the regional offices.  With many sites being in remote locations it was not always possible to install a clock at the site and this required timesheets to be created manually.
Kronos Workforce Central removes the need to manually key data into spreadsheets. Accurate information is now collected centrally at head office directly from the clocks at each site.

The system will also enable Haden Young to quickly access the T&A data necessary to complete daily clocking reports, which are needed as early as possible each morning for fire-drill back-up. 

Previously, this data was collected by the payroll team via a modem connection which dialled all the clocks in the regional offices and would not assist with the HSE element. 

This information which had typically taken two hours to retrieve will now be available within 20 seconds of an employee clocking in.
Another key benefit that Kronos will bring is the elimination of possible fraudulent clocking, where employees could potentially clock in and out for each other. 

This potential weakness had been highlighted and the company was keen to remove it as an issue. The biometric clocks ensure that only the correct employee is able to clock in for work which results in preventing this practice.
Shaun Nolan commented: ‘It was important to have biometric terminals for collecting clocking-in data as this ensures we have accurate attendance figures and a record of who was on site for health and safety compliance.’ Nolan continues:  ‘We are able to communicate to our employees the benefits of recording accurate data in this way and were also supported in our decision to use biometric terminals by the industry unions.’
Haden Young currently has 26 biometric terminals successfully in use at 18 sites across the UK. 

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