Have a rant: HR star in an unreasonably priced car

It befits every HR director to drive a fabulous car. There are no excuses for senior HR professionals to be driving around in automotive mediocrity.

I’m simply not interested in any plaintive bleatings from the green lobby on this issue. Sometimes the health of the planet must come second to style.

HR directors have two options when it comes to buying cars: brand new (less than three years old) and German/Italian or classic (more than 25 years old) and British/German/Italian. There can be nothing in between.

If you are an HR director driving to work in a five-year-old Ford, Vauxhall or Toyota, shame on you. You are letting yourself down, you are letting your family down and you are letting the company down.

If you need to lug kids, dogs, old people and/or furniture around, by all means have a people carrier at your disposal, but please leave it at home for the commute.

You should be turning up to the office car park in something exotic, drawing admiring glances from colleagues and befitting your status as a strategic business partner. Instant respect and influence.

Let the drones in marketing, sales and finance cast envious glances in your direction. Watch the chairman and chief executive suddenly take an interest in your small talk. And give your own HR team something to aspire to.

Go on – buy that amazing car you’ve always promised yourself. You can certainly afford it on your salary. You know you want to. So, in the words of L’Oréal, do it -‘because you’re worth it’.

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