Have a rant: technology

At this time of year I can be heard from a mile away, moaning about the leaves on the bloody line the cars that scream every time they slow down or speed up because the fan belt is dying (why DO they always die in the winter, not the summer?) too many people getting in the way at lunchtimes because they’re smugly out doing their Christmas shopping early when all I want is a pizza for tea and not to feel guilty because I haven’t given Christmas a thought yet. Cold days, dark nights and bloody wet weekends.

But today… oh today takes the biscuit.

First day back after two weeks out of the office (and no I don’t call decorating the hall and stairs a holiday) and the damned technology is out to sabotage me.

I can’t log in because my password expired while I was off. I came in early to check my e-mails, but can’t get at them because no-one from IT is in to reset the password for me.

When I do get, in the system is curmudgeonly and slow – sulking because I’ve been absent I suppose, and my fingers have forgotten where all the shortcuts were (yes I am over 50 and can forget such things in two weeks – yet another thing to moan about).

I am enslaved to a machine that’s got it in for me. I am already plugged into the Matrix and there is no escape.

Please, give me back my pen and paper.

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