Have a rant – What’s wrong with a hearty appetite?

So 93% of you would reject me for employment in favour of another candidate with identical skills, experience and attitude.

At 5′ 10″ and 230lb, I am clinically obese. I think I wear my weight well, but I still suffer the kind of casual ‘fattist’ abuse that people would never consider using on the basis of someone’s colour, sexuality or disability. And now I learn that I am less employable than a
‘slim Jim’.

You might argue that I could do something about my size and seemingly choose not to – and you would be right. And you might suggest that because I am fat I am ‘not in control’ of my life or my job – but you would be wrong. I am a bon viveur with a passion for good food and drink that is matched only by my drive for business success.

My attendance record is verging on the perfect (better, certainly than that of my more ‘fragile’ colleagues). I am proud of the quality and quantity of my output, and my appraisals confirm my boss, peers and direct reports are more than satisfied.

If we are to measure an employee’s suitability on personal discipline, why aren’t we equally interested in their credit score or the cleanliness of their bathroom? Now that would be revealing.

One final point. Who, according to a recent survey, was the world’s greatest ever leader? Why, it was that famous fattie Sir Winston Churchill. If he had been passed over at the interview stage, we’d all be speaking German and eating sauerkraut. Stick that in your low-carb salad!

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