Honda Formula 1 HR chief hopes to lose pounds by cleaning up at the races

Cleaners at the Honda Formula 1 motor racing division will receive £1,000 bonuses every time the team wins a race this season under a motivation scheme run by the HR department.

John Marsden, HR director at Honda F1 Racing Team, told HR delegates at a Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development conference in London yesterday that he wanted to encourage team spirit.

“Everyone gets a £1,000 bonus if we win – from the race staff to the cleaners,” he said. “I want everyone to feel part of the team.”

Marsden said employees needed to be rewarded for work that met the company’s needs and values, in a way that made it hard for them to leave.

“People need to be faced with a thought process about what they would lose if they left you,” he said.

The F1 season starts in Melbourne, Australia, on 14 March.

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