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The phrase ‘social media’ would previously had many in HR reaching for the employee handbook checking their organisation’s policy on internet use. But all that is changing.

Personnel Today’s Social Media Week – with exclusive content published below – is a recognition of the rapid change that is taking place in this area.

An increasing number of employers are using social media to gain a competitive advantage, moving away from compliance and restrictions on staff access, to capturing their own employees’ (and potential recruits’) enthusiasm for all things Web 2.0.

HR blogger Jon InghamJon Ingham’s
articles (right) are appearing on Personnel Today all this week. 

Social Media Week

Everday this week, HR blogger Jon Ingham will be writing about the benefits – both personally and professionally to HR professionals of getting involved in social media.

Social services
HR professionals are beginning to realise the potential of social media – and it’s not just about recruitment. Many employers are reaping the benefit of a variety of social media tools.

Breaking down the barriers
Social media often has a bad name in HR – something to be controlled or banned. But there are a wealth of examples of how it improves communication and collaboration within organisations.

What’s on your mind?
Online conversations have become a productive and cost-effective way for employers to communicate with staff and keep them engaged.

Legal dilemma: Using online profiles in recruitment
What are the legal issues of using online profiles of candidates to accept or reject them for employment?

Blogging in the workplace
The internet can be a great social network for staff if handled the right way. Here’s how to get the best from the blogging phenomenon.

XpertHR resources (subscription required)
Legal Q&A: Twitter usage at work
Policy on social networking websites

Webchats: 7 steps for getting the most value
Wayne Turmel, president at, offers this advice for getting the most out of employee webchats. 

HR in practice: Wiki while you work
Law firm SAS Daniels has captured the power of social networking to share knowledge across the organisation.

Research: HR’s policies on social media at work
A survey by Personnel Today and law firm Charles Russell, called Social Networking Research, revealed that HR professionals are worried about the potential misuse of these sites.

Six functions HR can’t do without

US blogger Rich DeMatteo looks at six HR functions which, put simply, will no longer work without social media.

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