HR has contingency plans for overseas conflict areas

practitioners responsible for managing global assignments and overseas
relocation do not expect activity to stop, despite current world events.

companies are focusing on contingency planning, increased security and some
alternative approaches in the light of the war on terror and political
uncertainty around the globe, a poll shows.

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development poll of 131 HR professionals
found that under one per cent indicated they would be cancelling all
international staff transfers and just six per cent would be imposing temporary

changing situation around the world has led to more than 21 per cent moving
employees from areas of conflict to a safer location, while 18 per cent brought
staff home.

to the results of the survey, 17 per cent were beefing up internal and external
security, with a further 11 per cent considering similar improvements.

most common alternative to overseas relocation was more local recruiting, with
30 per cent, closely followed by telecommuting on 28 per cent.

By Ross Wigham

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