HR managers blame training for poor delivery of additional tasks

Two-thirds of HR managers feel that they are not fully trained for their job, according to recent research.

The survey of 280 HR managers also showed that more than six in 10 feel they do not have the necessary training or support to help their companies in the current economic climate.

Nearly half of managers polled had to take on additional responsibilities in 2008, but the training in new skills needed to fulfil these roles had not being given, respondents said.

Managers believe managing redundancies and supporting the business would be the most pressing HR issues this year. One quarter (24%) of those questioned feel they need further training and about one in five feel that the training provided was not beneficial.

“HR managers have a vital role to support companies in these difficult times,” said Christine Tebbutt, education director of LearnHR, the training provider that commissioned the research.

“It is imperative that they receive the right support and training to work effectively and to deliver the various and pressing needs of their employers. For too many, this is lacking.”

The research also found that 54% of HR managers felt their employers were not looking after their health and wellbeing.

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