HR needs to tighten nuts and bolts to be brilliant

The future of HR depends entirely on its metamorphosis into a strategic business function (‘Time for a strategic line to secure the future of HR’, Personnel Today, 7 March).

The Ministry of Defence’s model of devolving HR responsibilities to line managers may indeed adequately maintain the nuts and bolts of the department. What it will not do is promote alignment of development with business objectives.

Our research has shown that 50% of listed US companies employ a chief learning officer, whereas only one FTSE 100 company has an equivalent role. Instead of devolving HR, we should be evolving a landscape where human capital is represented at board level. That way, we can tighten the bolts and turn ‘adequately’ into ‘brilliantly’.

André D Hogan

Vice-president EMEA & Asia Pacific

Thomson NETg

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