In defence of working with mayor Ken Livingstone

It is a shame that Shameel Ahmed (top job, Personnel Today 31 January) seems reluctant to work for Ken Livingstone.

A quick look through Shameel’s CV suggests that he would be an ideal candidate for a job at City Hall. He would join a creative and talented HR team working with our business partners to establish London as a sustainable and global city for the 21st century.

His banking background will have taught him that the UK depends on London as its engine for growth and as a gateway to the international economy, and his real estate experience gives him an insight into the challenges of regenerating the Thames Gateway area and delivering the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012.

Working with Ken Livingstone and the London Assembly members brings a unique dimension to our roles, and Shameel will never find a better environment to hone the political skills he needs to realise his ambition of becoming a future US president.

Ian Apperley
Head of HR
Greater London Authority

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