Inner Physique seeks stress management pilot participants

Inner Physique, a stress management solution provider, is seeking five or six organisations of between 500 and 5,000 employees in size to pilot its Complete Wellbeing Programme alongside its first pilot adopter Amnesty International. 

The Complete Wellbeing Programme combines the very latest scientific research into the causes of stress with the HSE’s management standards and best practice guidelines, utilising Internet technology to deliver a simple, elegant and highly engaging out-of-the-box solution for organisations to deploy to their entire workforce with minimal investment in management time and capital and which leads to rapid and exciting reductions in absenteeism and staff turnover and increases in employee productivity and morale.

Managing director of Inner Physique, Richard Adams, says, “We often come across organisations that have started out on the path of implementing a stress management initiative but have found it difficult to deliver on promises made at the outset of the project. 

“Our corporate wellbeing vision is based firmly on the belief that the very best way to reduce stress within an organisation is to ensure that all employees from the Chief Executive downwards get involved from the outset by providing the right combination of tools, processes and services to make it simple, engaging and even fun for people to get fast results with minimal time and effort.

“This can only be done if the right overall framework is in place and the Complete Wellbeing Programme provides an entire, end-to-end corporate wellbeing and stress management infrastructure including policy formation, assessment, planning, education, delivery of interventions, management reporting and much more, all accessible from a single Internet web portal.”

Adams went on to say “The idea of the pilot is to work closely with a small number of organisations to help them implement the Programme into their workforce and gain feedback from the experience.  For us this provides valuable data for refining and improving our product and for our partners it means they get the benefits of early adoption, including the ability to help shape the future direction of our products plus substantial discounts off the full retail price.”

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