Internal dialogue can be the key to success

Your feature on internal communication and its place in an organisation (‘Speaking to the People’, Personnel Today, 14 March) does a disservice to the many HR people who are responsible for, and passionate about, this critical business function.

Internal communication has moved away from the fluffiness of ‘making people like working here’ and sending out a monthly newsletter, to become a much more sophisticated platform that delivers straight to the bottom line.

In some instances internal communication has been part of the marketing function, in others part of HR function. What separates good and bad practice is not where internal communication sits within an organisation, but the quality of the people responsible for it and the genuine commitment of the senior management team to make it a key priority for their business.

HR teams need to work closely with their colleagues in marketing to make sure their internal and external marketing strategies connect in a way that adds value for both employees and customers alike.

Siobhan Holland
Director, Hi There

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