IT professionals prefer mobility despite concern of employers

Job-hopping is the career strategy preferred by most IT professionals despite growing demand from employers for in-depth knowledge of their businesses, according to new research.

A survey of 225 IT staff, by recruitment company Hudson, reveals that more than 50 per cent of respondents said they expected to work for multiple companies, moving frequently between employers and types of technology.

Most IT professionals believe that employers are increasingly looking for staff with higher levels of business knowledge and loyalty. Of those questioned, 72 per cent felt that longer-term contracts would give employers better results.

Paul Taylor, director at Hudson, said: “There is a tension between the IT employees’ preference for contract work and employer demand for more rounded technical employees who have a better understanding of their business context. Right now there is a surplus of jobs, so candidates can pick and choose roles.”

If employers want staff to remain loyal, they need to begin investing in their training and development to allow them to keep pace with rapidly changing technology, Taylor said.

While the research shows that salaries are still the most important factor in choosing an employer for most IT professionals, it reveals that work-life balance is increasingly important.

Nearly 75 per cent of respondents said quality of life is more important than their careers, while 48 per cent said they would prefer a sabbatical to a bonus.


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