Job applicants strike interview gold in tough employment market

Statistics from the Office for National Statistics show the UK is currently experiencing the toughest employment market in a decade.However, a new online interview skills system,, is letting jobseekers into a powerful secret. is an interactive online system that can pinpoint with 80 per cent accuracy the types of questions that will be asked by potential employers.

Developed by a team of HR professionals from every possible job sector, covers 15 different industries, including medicine, teaching, banking and accountancy.

Nigel Durkan went to countless interviews before finally landing his dream job and he puts his success down to this new skills training system which is revolutionising the way candidates prepare for interviews.

“I was amazed. 11 out of the 13 questions they asked were in the first mock interview that it gave me,” says Durkan. “I was asked back for a second interview and got the job.”

“I hadn’t realised that I was doing and saying all the wrong things until I subscribed to,” says Durkan. takes a unique approach to interview preparation combining a fast track interview skills course with video practice interviews and interactive mock interviews.

“We wanted to create a truly effective product, one that was easy to use and would help any interview candidate irrespective of the job or level,” says Joe McDermott, CEO of

From graduates to executives, has helped thousands of people win their dream jobs.

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