Job application forms not online at half of FTSE 100 firms

Half of FTSE 100 companies still do not use online job application forms, a report has found.

Only 51 of the 100 firms allow job applicants to use forms on their websites, according to the study from talent management firm Taleo.

The other 49 are missing out on massive opportunities to improve their recruitment processes and benefit their business, Taleo insists.

Taleo Research vice president, Alice Snell, said: “These findings indicate that many of the top companies in the UK have still not implemented technology-enabled best practices in recruitment.

These findings show FTSE 100 companies need to consider the best ways to attract and retain talent within their organisations.”

An online careers section that only accepts CV applications is no longer enough to make a recruitment process competitive, Snell added.

“The research shows that many UK organisations are yet to take advantage of capturing structured candidate data and, therefore, are potentially missing opportunities to reduce their recruitment costs, improve their speed of hiring and enhance their ability to recruit the best talent,” she said.

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