Jobcentre bans advert for reliable worker for fear of discrimination against unreliable staff

A Jobcentre banned an advert seeking a “reliable” worker because it could be deemed discriminatory against unreliable workers, it has been alleged.

A recruitment agency boss has claimed that she was told by Jobcentre Plus in Thetford, Norfolk, that she could not advertise a job for a “reliable and hard-working” cleaner.

Devonwood Recruitment boss, Nicole Mamo, said a Jobcentre worker told her over the phone that the wording could be offensive to and discriminate against unreliable people.

A Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) spokeswoman would not comment on the phone call made to Mamo.

However, she said: “I can confirm that we took the advert from the employer and put it onto our website. Every advert goes onto our website and onto the Job Points [electronic stations within Jobcentres].

“Reliability is important to employers, as it is for Jobcentre Plus – and we welcome ads seeking reliable applicants.”

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