Jobseekers rate women as better interviewers than men

Women are rated as better job interviewers than men, according to research.

More than half (56%) of 1,000 UK job interviewees questioned by the Water for Fish HR consultancy considered female interviewers to be more skilful than their male colleagues (44%).

Six in 10 (59%) said they had a more positive experience with a female interviewer than a man (53%) and almost two-thirds (67%) said women interviewers were well prepared, compared to 58% of male interviewers.

Female interviewers (56%) were also found to be better at putting interviewees at ease than their male counterparts (44%).

Nicola Mindell, director at Water for Fish, said: “The role of the interviewer is very important and is much more than just asking questions. It involves being able to create an environment that enables candidates to showcase themselves effectively and in which the interviewer can elicit the most useful information from a candidate.

“Finding the right person for the job is a big responsibility and the wrong decision can be often very costly for businesses,” Mindell said.

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