Key to staff retention and motivation is recognition of extra effort

UK workers would stay in their jobs longer if their companies thanked them for their hard work more often and more effectively, research has shown

A survey by mobile communications company O2 reveals that praise is important to employees of British companies.

If companies were better at acknowledging when staff put extra effort in, 84% of workers would be more loyal to their employers and 71% would be more willing to go the extra mile when required.

The online survey, which sampled 500 people from across the UK, reveals that line managers are good at thanking their employees, but company-wide ‘thanks’ is less widespread. About 50% of workers had either never been thanked by their companies or could not remember the last time.

When asked what sort of acknowledgement employees would like to receive when their companies thank them, one in four chose having an extra day off.

Dominic Mahony, HR director at O2 UK, said: “The loyalty message in this research is clear. Companies need to be seen to recognise the efforts that employees make to ensure their success and, if they do, those employees will reward them by staying in their jobs longer and going the extra mile when required.”

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