Jobtonic reaches 1.5 million passive candidates

Jobtonic, the referral recruitment site, now has more than 30,000 referrers signed up and ready to tell their friends about jobs.

Vacancies now stand a chance of being referred to one of over 1.5 million people within the reach of the ever-expanding site. That’s one in 40 of the entire UK population.

The Microsoft-funded study¹ that gives the average number of friends of a person in the UK as 54 cites the rise of social networking sites as being key to helping people stay connected. By leveraging the on and off-line social networks of its referrers, Jobtonic gets vacancies in front of coveted passive candidates.

Those already satisfied with their jobs make the best employees but don’t typically read traditional recruitment classifieds on the web or in print.

Jobtonic rewards its referrers for successful recruitment matches with up to £2,000 in cash. Advertisers can set the level of the reward given to the successful referrer providing maximum flexibility.

Nick Goldstein, sales and marketing director at Jobtonic, commented, “With our reach expanding all the time, it’s great to see the model is working well. Our client list is growing daily and we are focussed on making sure that our eager referrers have plenty of vacancies to tell their friends about”.

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