Kent Police Force says its wellbeing initiatives have reduced police officer absenteeism by 25%

Kent Police claims its wellbeing initiatives introduced in 2003 have reduced police officer absenteeism by 25% – the equivalent of three working days a year per person.

Business psychology firm Robertson Cooper worked with the police force to implement Asset – its stress diagnostic tool – with the results revealing a collective saving of 18,600 days annually among 6,200 staff.

Kent Police put the attendance management programme in place in 2003 to train line managers to identify certain trigger points for stress and absenteeism. It also runs regular health initiatives, a health ‘MOT’ test, clinics and masterclasses to advise on diet and fitness.

Paul Smith, of the personnel and training division, said: “As a result of the wellbeing initiatives put in place since 2003, the force has reduced absenteeism by 25%. It has seen increased levels of commitment both to and from the organisation and is now collectively fitter and healthier than the average population in the UK.”

Gordon Tinline, director of Robertson Cooper, said: “These results are proof that wellbeing initiatives are really working for the police force, and with best practice sharing across forces in the UK, real improvements to the productivity of the UK police service can be made from bite-sized initiatives.”

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