Deliveroo error sees riders paid inflated bonuses

Deliveroo’s plans to say reward its most experienced riders with bonuses saw many riders receiving the wrong amounts.

CIPD: Improve financial wellbeing for staff hit by pay challenges

5 Mar 2021

Almost half of organisations do not have a financial wellbeing programme in place, the CIPD's survey found.

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Law firms award bonuses over salary increases

15 Feb 2021

Law firms have been rewarding staff with regular or ‘spot’ bonuses to make up for pay cuts or freezes made when the Covid-19 pandemic first hit.

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Morrisons £10 an hour pay deal is first for UK supermarket

13 Jan 2021

Supermarket chain Morrisons has promised to pay staff a minimum of £10 an hour in a new pay deal that...

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Executive pay: financial incentives damage long-term profits

6 Jan 2021

The more focus companies put on financial incentives for CEOs’ bonuses, the worse the firm’s commercial performance, according to a...

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FTSE 100 CEOs earn average annual wage in just 34 hours

6 Jan 2021

The median FTSE 100 CEO’s earnings will surpass that of the median annual wage for a full-time worker in the...

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New Lloyds Bank boss to be paid up to £5.5m

1 Dec 2020

Lloyds Banking Group's new boss will be paid up to £5.5m in annual pay and bonuses – about a fifth less than his predecessor.

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The impact of Covid-19 on senior executives’ contracts

20 Oct 2020

Senior executives' relationship with new employers is changing as they look to safeguard their positions against a background of instability.

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One in five employers cut pay in response to pandemic

22 Sep 2020

Almost a fifth (18%) of organisations have had to cut pay because of the pressures brought by the pandemic, while...

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Short-term executive pay cuts won’t solve high pay culture

5 Aug 2020

Temporary pay cuts taken by chief executives during the coronavirus pandemic won’t solve excessive pay and bonus culture, according to...

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Pay premiums to reduce this year as recruiting difficulties ease

22 Jun 2020

Research finds that fewer companies will offer a premium to attract talent in the coming months and that HR is heavily involved in business continuity planning.

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One in four FTSE 100 bosses has taken a pay cut

15 Apr 2020

One in four bosses of FTSE 100 companies has taken a pay cut during the coronavirus crisis, according to research...

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How Europe is supporting workers in the coronavirus outbreak

20 Mar 2020

As chancellor Rishi Sunak prepares to announce plans to support the wages of millions of worker we look at similar schemes in their infancy on the Continent.

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Lloyds staff struggling with money, according to union survey

10 Feb 2020

Almost a third of workers at Lloyds Bank are struggling financially, according to a confidential union survey seen by The...

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Where to get the best salary in HR

4 Jun 2019

Change is impacting every industry, and this is creating new opportunities, healthy salaries and more flexible working conditions for HR...

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