Kronos enables workforce optimisation with launch of Workforce Central

Globalisation, an aging population, rising labour costs, fierce competition, and compliance concerns are stay-awake issues for executives. As organisations struggle to compete, their workforce becomes increasingly critical as a means to differentiate themselves, drive profitability, and overcome these critical business challenges.

With version 6 of the Workforce Central suite from Kronos, organisations have the information required to manage performance and effectively optimise a global workforce. Workforce Central 6 is scheduled for general availability in June 2007.

“With remote, international, and contingent employees, managing today’s diverse workforce has never been so complex. Aligning talent with the needs of the business is like walking on a tight rope; you want to strike a healthy balance while maintaining a clear focus on your ultimate objective,” said Peter George, chief technology officer at Kronos.

“Workforce Central 6 transforms businesses by providing executives with greater visibility into their global workforce, enabling them to identify critical business issues and empowering them with the tools to make good informed decisions enroute to achieving their ultimate business goals.”

Today’s workforce is 24/7 and located across the globe. Executives are challenged to consistently have their finger on the pulse of workforce performance. Workforce Central 6 provides organisations with a centralised location for their labour data, enabling them to monitor and compare workforce performance across geographies.

As a result, executives have access to standardised workforce performance information and reports right at their fingertips. The increased visibility into the workforce provides executives with greater clarity and a fresh perspective on their labour resources.

For example, manufacturers can measure the contribution of labour to productivity; retailers can identify their most efficient locations; and healthcare providers can still deliver quality care despite shrinking budgets.

“Our global presence spans 19 different countries each with its own applications and reporting systems. Without one consistent reporting tool, managing our global workforce is extremely complex and challenging,” said Janine Bogrand, IT manager at Dresser Rand.

“Workforce Central 6 will enable us to implement best practices in global workforce management. The new solution will streamline our reporting activity with one system to manage all employees across the globe.”

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