Labour MP calls for HR to notify job applicants of outcome

HR teams should be “legally compelled” to write to every job applicant so they know the outcome, Labour MP Ashok Kumar has demanded.

Kumar said when people applied for jobs it was “extremely demoralising” for them not to receive an acknowledgment of an application or notification of who eventually got the job.

He has tabled a Commons motion which, so far, has the support of just three other MPs. The motion states: “Employers should be legally compelled to contact all applicants both to acknowledge receipt of application and again after selection has been made to notify applicants whether they have been successful.”

Early Day Motions are mainly used to publicise the views of individual MPs and demonstrate the extent of support for a particular cause.

Earlier this year, a debate raged on Personnel Today’s community site HR Space on whether HR teams should respond to all job applicants, with some arguing that ‘rude HR’ had to be tackled.

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